June, 2013 - Model M280 - Electronic ID Reader with Digital Imaging

Business Wire, Electronic ID Reader with Digital Imaging Offered by E-Seek’s Model M280.


June, 2013 - Model M310S - “New Standard” in Portable ID Card Reading

Business Wire, “New Standard” in Portable ID Card Reading Offered by E-Seek’s Model M310S.


April, 2013 - Platinum winner’s award in GSN’s 2013 Border Security Awards Program

E-Seek’s Model 500 wins platinum award for “Best Identity Document Verification Solution”

Government Security News magazine has announced that E-Seek, Inc, the Costa Mesa, CA developer of card readers for verifying drivers’ licenses and other state documents, has received the Platinum Award in GSN’s 2013 Border Security Awards Program for its Model M500 ID Card Authenticator in the awards category of “Best Identity Document Verification Solution”.

With barcodes now being used in drivers licenses issued by all 50 states, the M500 is a breakthrough product that E-Seek has been working on for five years that can not only read the barcode on a driver’s license, but can also authenticate the ID card itself. The product’s unique design features a single slot input that is independent of orientation – upside down, backwards or forwards – the Model M500 will analyze and read the card regardless of how it is submitted. Four seconds after the card is inserted, the Model M500 will send a file to the host containing: a 600/1200 DPI image of both sides of the card; UV images of the front and back of the card; IT image front and back; ASCII decoded data; barcode and magnetic stripe.

According to Ali Lebaschi, Chief Technical Officer of E-Seek, after a card is scanned by the Model M500, the host will compare the security features captured by the Model M500 to a library of security features to determine the authenticity of the submitted card. In addition, the decoded data can be submitted to remove services such as LexisNexis or No-Fly lists to further qualify the person submitting the card. With the addition of a web camera and facial recognition software, the picture can be tested against the person. The capability of imaging the card at 1200 DPI was previously unavailable in a device priced under $2,000 and is thus unique to the Model M500.

Lebaschi also pointed out that the Model M500 can easily detect fake IDs with holograms and UV images and can be used for simple data collection applications to advanced ID authentication including facial recognition with the addition of authentication software, which Lebaschi indicated is available from Advanced ID Detection of Medway, MA. Lebaschi added that kiosk applications to be used by the general public can be easily developed.

About E-Seek
Based in Costa Mesa, CA, E-Seek is a leading developer and marketer of unique two dimensional (2D) and 1D barcode readers specifically for government issued drivers licenses and ID cards. The patented technology employed in all E-Seek products dramatically lowers the cost of reading 2D barcodes without sacrificing performance. In addition to being a fast and accurate read of data contained in the barcode, the low cost of the units combined with their compact size and reliability make E-Seek’s products the choice for many law enforcement, financial institutions retailers and government agencies.


August, 2011 - Article in Casino Journal about M310

Distributing backroom processing to the casino floor is now more easily with E-Seek Model 310.


March, 2009 - Royal Canadian Mounted Police Select E-Seek

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Select E-Seek Model 250 Combo Reader.


December, 2008 - Secure ID News

E-Seek and TokenWorks make reading data off driver licenses easy.


January, 2008 - DHS has issued a final rule of real ID

DHS has issued a final rule of real ID.






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