The following document is applied only for new devices(serial number starting with "2801") or the devices using a new device driver

  Device Driver (Imager) (Serial)
  Application M280DemoApp-V3.40.00
  Sample Code M280SampleApp_SourceCode-V3.40.00
Application Note Install M280v2 Device driver(new).pdf
  M280 Sample App User's Guide_V2.pdf
  M280_Command Status datasheet_V2.pdf 
  References M280 Reference Guide D.pdf
  CyUSB .NET DLL Programmer Reference.pdf 
  CyUSB .NET DLL Programmer Reference.chm
  Tech Note #1903-01 M280 Application update for new hardware and device driver changes.pdf
  Tech Note #1910-01 M280 Issues about .NET framework
          * OLD UNITS, Serial # starting with 2800xxxxxx

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